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iTab48R, Network Media Recorder

iTab48 is simply a PVR-Media providing these features - a full HD Media Player, a Media Recorder, a PVR with DVBT HD(mpeg4)/SD(mpeg2), a Network Server/Client, and an Internet Media Player (Internet Radio, Bit Torrent). It records a/v files from various sources such as embedded DVBT HD/SD digital tv(as PVR), Aux av-in (vcr, set-top-box, analog-tv), Scart-in etc to the installed hard disk drive for repeated playback. It also provides 1080p full HD media playback supporting mkv(h.264), vc1, bluray, rmv and dynamic audio such as wave, dts, flac, wma etc. Network Client and Server gives much efficient and easy tools to access networked devices and storages.

Also enjoy the latest updates on Internet Media. The easiest, advanced, well-designed Bit Torrent and Internet Radio will enhance the product's value and virtue in combination with its other utilities. Its options will vary the product line-up from entry (iTab48P0S) to high-end (iTab48R1C/48R2C).


1080p Full HD Playback / HDMI1.3
- HD playback upto 1920*1080p
- HDMI1.3
- Video: H.264, MKV, WMV9/HD, MPEG2 HD (ts,tp).
HD AVI, RMV, MPEG1/2 Video (mpg,ifo,vob,iso)
- Audio: MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV, DTS 2ch downmix
- Photo: JPEG HD, JPG, BMP (32bit)

Dual DVBT Tuner (optional)

- Tuner 1 for watching TV / Tuner 2 for recording
- DVBT file format: Mpeg4(HD) & mpeg2(SD)
- HD DVBT to be recorded to HD resolution

Interactive File Control & Management
- Copy-in to and copy-out from this device
- Use Remote for file control w/o PC connection

Connectivity to PC
- USB Target (2.0) -> usb slave(2.0)

Internet Media

- Internet Radio / - Bit Torrent
- Internet Video (Web browser to be added)
Recording and Time-Shift
- Recording and Delayed Playback
- 7-day EPG based timer-recording
- DVBT-TV recording

Multiple Recording Sources
- Digital TV (DVBT, ATSC)
- Satellite STB / Terrestrial STB / VCR (AV-in)
- Analogue TV (TV-in function, EU-Scart)

Network Server & Client
- LAN (10/100Mbps)
- WiFi USB Dongle (802.11N or 11G) option
- Samba Server/Client, FTP Server, Upnp Client
- Bit Torrent Client

General Information

- HDD up to 2TB SATA
- File format : NTFS
- Power adapter: DC12V, 3.0A

- Standby Power-Consumption: 1W (0W when switched off)