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1) Main Page GUI look

Main Menu

Main menu starts with InternetTV, Home Media, Social Net(SNS, Email), Web-Browser, Application and Setting. , or both.


Home Media

Home Media includes "Video" "Photo" "Music" and "Youtube" butons to play media from SD or USB or Internet. It's supporting full HD Media Player, plus Internet Media "Youtube".


Social Network

This Social Network can lead users to use Emails (GMail, YahooMail, HotMail), plus MSN Messanger, Skype, Linked-In etc. Since this applications will be supported on the basis of Web-broswer way, it won't provide dynamic interface but will maintain steady service all the time.

Setting (Setup)

Setting provides adjusting values on Sound, Display, Applications, Privacy, Storage, Search, Language & Keyboard, Date & Time, Samba, About Device (f/w version, iTV version etc.).


2) IPTV OSD look

Main Screen

Press "Internet-TV" button from the main UI, and enter into "IPTV Service". It's composed of Live-TV, VOD, MyTV and My Channels.



These are providing Live-TV Channels from world-wide sources, and it will be accessed just with one click and you can save the channels with "FAV (favorite)" button of remote and find it from My Ch pages.



Herein you can find some channels of Movies, Music, Drama, TV Shows, Animation/Cartoons, Education, News etc.

In case you needed to save the contents and play repeatedly, you can also download the contents to SD or USB Memory and then play anytime.


MyTV (Broadcast yourself)

This is the page you can broadcast yourself thru internet registering with ID and PW and see Private broadcasting channels.

This could be a CCTV as well. It will allow you to watch your baby in a certain place and you can watch anywhere.


My Channels (Favorite, Shared, My Registered)

Make your own Favorit channel list in the box or register your own channels in here and share with your friends.

This would be a short-cut to your favorite channels and also your personal subscribing/following channels.