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IPTV STB (Set-top-box) / VOD Live Stream Box
IPTV STB (Set-top-box) / VOD Live Stream Box


iNet-100, IPTV STB & Internet Video

iNet-100 is designed for Web Video (such as Youtube, Netflix etc.), Live-TV Streaming and VOD (Video-On-Demand) playback over Internet for worldwide uses. Its own middleware and management program including PMS (Payment Management System = Billing System) also can be packed and combined together to communicate and control the contents and information. iNet-100 supports High-Definition IPTV, interactive Web-Browser plus it also can be a full HD Media Player to help you enjoy off-line contents with USB-HDD.


IPTV STB (Set-top-box) / VOD Live Stream Box


Product Concept

IPTV STB (Live-TV & VOD) & HD Media Combo  
. iNet-100, IPTV STB, can stream playback the Videos using our Web Brower from the server
. The file formats to support are WMV, H.264/MKV, MP4 as long as the Audio file maintains with WMA, MP3, AAC (flash video files, not supportable)
. Plays HD Video/Audios from ext. USB-HDD.

Product Position

. HD Internet Live-TV, VOD-TV streaming
. Communicator with Email, Twitter, Facebook
. Internet Video: Youtube(VOD), UStream(Live)
. Network Client for Home/Away Network


 Centralized management, Monitoring, Statistics

. One central management platform over the network
. Same contents style, mood and genre for brand  identity
. Global management to be extended from one central point.

 Variety of Contents to each location accross

. Media file Management (delete/replace), Media Playback, Scheduling
. Different style of contents by Time (Time/Date/Month) for all brand locations
. Offers creating individualized content for selected locations.

None-Stop Streaming playback

. Back-up mode when network breakdown temporarily
. Automatic Switching to Internal Cache
. Content files in internal cache to be streamed automatically

Target Market

Home & Away (ex-patriate) Community
. Entertainment – Live-TV (TV Programs, Movie, Dramas, Music, Sports, Talk Shows, Personal Live Broadcasting etc.) / VOD (Movie, Youtube), etc.

. E-Communities

. E-Communication

. E-Learning

. Social Networking – Sports, Religion, Favorites



. (connection) Every STB connects to the website specially designed and programmed for it (web-middleware & control)
. (remote move) By using some Java and java script apps we can control STB and behaviors of the remote controller.
. (f/w upgrade) By pressing “FW Upgrade” button under “setup” from first page, the STB downloads for the latest firmware and updates over Internet.
. (authentication) Using the Java tool, it pulls the Mac address and serial number of the set top box before main page entrance.
. (contents management) Using the Java tool, the partner has control tools to create / edit / delete Live/VOD channels.

* Built-in Cache
1) In order to provide the powerful backup
2) to update contents & play-lists automatically/periodically through Internet

IPTV STB (Set-top-box) / VOD Live Stream Box