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Being an entrepreneur means there are never enough hours in a day. Even though you’re constantly working, there’s always more to be done. But while we all have more tasks than we can fit into a day, life is about more than just work. If you continually push yourself to work 60 or 70 hour weeks, eventually your productivity will sharply decline.

So how should we spend our limited leisure time? Sure, there are always books to read, and exercising is extremely important for working long hours. But there’s generally still a little bit of time left over, and I have an unconventional suggestion on how to spend it

Sing Karaoke. Karaoke teaches you several skills that are highly transferrable to business and entrepreneurialism, some of which I’ve listed below.

(1) Singing Karaoke Boosts Confidence
(2) It teaches you how to capture and hold attention
(3) It helps you build your presence
(4) It helps you roll through failure
(5) It helps you think more creatively
(6) It helps you learn to live in the moment



Accessory Options  Mic (Wired, Wireless, Wireless with key buttons)
 WiFi 802.11N , Big Square Remote-Controller
Included  50 key Remote, Batteries (AAA*2),
 AC Adapter (12V), Power Cable (1*1.2m),
 User Manual (Multi Language-Optional),
 HDMI Cable


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