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iKok-101, Industrial Karaoke and Home use Karaoke

iKok-101 is designed for Karaoke(Singing Helper), Web Video (such as Youtube, Netflix etc.), Live-TV Streaming and VOD (Video-On-Demand) playback over Internet for worldwide uses. Its own middleware and management program including PMS (Payment Management System = Billing System) also can be packed and combined together to communicate and control the contents and information.

iKok-101 supports mainly on/off-line Karaoke with unique feature that users can add their own contents on iCloud Video/Audio Platform and they can see own contents in the list of embedded memory or iCloud servers automatically. iKok-101 is also providing platform for High-Definition IPTV, interactive Web-Browser plus full-HD Media Playback. It will surely help user to enjoy On-Line as well as Off-Line contents coming through network and internal/external memory (HDD/SD Card) with its own security.


Singing Master (Karaoke) Machine

User’s contents to be added
Song selected by menu or number
Chorus / Mic & Echo volume / Scoring control
Favorite song marking
Song reservation & cancellation
Key / Tempo control (MIDI/MP3/MTV)
Karaoke setup menu
Background video change with Internal memory
Recording while singing (MIDI/MP3/MTV)

Multimedia Device

Full HD Video (1080P)
Wireless LAN & Ethernet
Android MIRACAST (mirroring image)
Network (YouTube, Internet browsing)
Smartphone App for additional controls
Simple Game Player
User Contents (Download, Upload)
Subtitles (*.smi, *.srt) supported


Karaoke Feature

- Music play and reservation
- Mic & Echo Controls
- Key, Tempo Controls
- Man/Woman Key Swift
- Melody Controls
- Song title Search
- Recording while Singing
- Background Video Options

Contents Uploading by Users

- Upload & Manage Contents
- Additional Contents
- Video, Audio, Photos
- Automatic Numbering for uploaded Contents
- Background Videos selected among uploaded Videos or internal memory

Multimedia Player

- Multimedia (Audios, Videos, Pictures) Playback
- Miracast, YouTube, Internet Browsing available
- Pre-installed off-line Games available
- Additional App installation available
- Controllable by Smartphone remote-App

Multimedia Playback

- Media file playback
- USB / SD Card supported
- Network Play
- Various codec supported

Miracast (Mirroring)

- Bring Smartphone screen to TV
- Miracast-designated wireless module for easy connection

Smart-Remote App

- Phone-Screen Remote-Controller
- Song Book for easy search
- Recorded Songs Download
- Message & Image File transmission
- Song Uploading by Users