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RadioGears is specializing in Network and Media Entertainment devices and services. Committed to the most Innovative and Differentiated technology Radiogears offers one-step ahead Network-TV, Media Platform with optimized Middleware & Management solution and Media Servers.


The media souces covers on-line and off-line digital video from the conventional media Discs (CD/DVDs), Memories & Storages to Network Streaming, Connection and On-line Broadcasting.


Newly released Android Karaoke box allows users to upload their song-contents to the box and adjust key & tempo up/down and scoring. The IPTV platform allows users to extend their field of media to variety of other on-line Videos-On-Demand and Live-TVs, and personalized streaming.

The quality products and services of RadioGears aims to enhance the Reliability and Stability of the customers' business bases in the view of long-term relationship. Modern design and professional marketing approaches shall be applying to the variety of the business chances with you.

The company's accumulated, matured, systematic and specialized experiences & workforces would help customers create success in business providing the total enjoyment of exciting entertainment anytime

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