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Oct '2016
To presence in HKE 2016 Autumn Edition
Jan '2013
Attended in "CES 2013", LV USA

Oct '2012

Participated in "HKE Fair 2012", HKGDC (10/13-16, 2012)


Mar '2011

Attended in "CCBN Fair 2011", Beijing, China (3/23-25, 2011)


Oct '2010

Participated in "HKE Fair 2010", HKGDC (10/13-16, 2010)


Sep '2010

Participated in "IFA 2010", Berlin, Germany (9/3-9/8, 2010)

    @ Hall 26C / K-740

Apr '2010

Participated in "Global Sourcing Fair - World-Expo" in HKG, China (4/12-4/15, 2010)



Oct '2009

Participated in "HKE 2009" in HKG, China (10/13-10/16, 2009)


Mar '2009

Participated in "Cebit 2009" in Hanover (C.E. show), Germany

Feb '2009

Participated in "Distree-XXL 2009" (Distributor show) in Montecarlo, Monaco


Oct '2008

Increased working-capital to extend the business scope

Sep '2008

Participated in “IFA 2008”, Berlin (Consumer Electronics Show in Germany)


Feb '2008

Started manufacturing in contract

Aug '2007

Company established with core technology of Digital Media & Networks

Sep '2016'
Releasing Karaoke device with users' mp3/mp4 song/video contents editing feature
Apr '2013
Released Compact-TV Mini-Stick (model: iNet-300), for cost saving & portability

Nov '2011

Released "i-Keep Seires, the Contents Security" for Contents protection (model: iKeep-200)

Sep '2011

Released “Android IPTV STB" iNet Series (model: iNet-200) at GiTex 2011

Jun '2011

Released "iPro-2, the Middleware Series (model: iPro-200)

Oct '2010

Released “iPro -Middleware" iPro Series (model: iPro-101) at HKE Fair

Sep '2010

Released “iPro -Middleware" iPro Series (model: iPro-100) at IFA Fair

Apr '2010

Released “IP-Media Combo" iNet Series (model: iNet-100) at HKE Fair

Sep '2009

Released “DVBT(HD/SD) PVR-Media” (model: iTab-48P/48T/48R)

Apr '2009

Released “3.5" SATA HDD Media Combo” upgraded version (model: iTab-38HD)

Jan '2009

Released "7-13 inch Digital Photo Album ("Dion" Series)"

Jun '2008

Released “3.5" SATA HDD Media Combo” (model: iTab-36HD)

Feb '2008

Launched "Digital Photo Album (3.6")" to Korean local market (model: iTab-360)

Dec '2007

Released “HDD (2.5") embedded Compact Media Player” (model: iTab-25SD)

Dec '2007

Released “4.3-inch screen GPS Navigation & DVBT TV Combo” (model: iTab-430)

Oct '2007

Launched “DVBT dual-tuner reciever set-top box” for Car Use (HawkRanger)

Sep '2007

Released “3.6-inch screen Portable DVBT TV” (model: iTab-380)

- Android Based Karaoke & IPTV Set-top-box Combo

- Android Based IPTV STB & Media Combo

- iKeep (Security for Media Contents) series for Access Authority

- Android Based Applications to complete iPro and STB

- iPro (Middleware and Management Program) series for IPTV STB

- IPTV STB (Internet TV, Network Player, VOD, Linux based) devices

- HD TV Set-Top-Box

- HDD Multimedia Players

- HDD Media Recorders

- Portable TV Media & GPS Combo 

- Digital Photo Albums 

- Network Storages 

- External Storage Devices